Long live the planet, but for how long?

From 30 November to 12 December 2015, the European Union and 195 nation states held the 21st annual session of United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP21). Participants claimed that the ambitious plan was a historic turning point in reducing global warming. However, the agreement also received some criticism.


Dimming hopes in Crimea

Russian authorities announced a state of emergency in Crimea, as the peninsula with 2 million inhabitants continues to suffer in cold and darkness. The media and authorities do not seem overly concerned with finding the villain.

“Catalonia: right for self-determination vs disruption of unity”

Although Catalonia was first established as a separate entity in 11th century, it has also been a part of Spain since its emergence in the 15th century. Prior to nationalist uprising in the 19th century, Catalonia was tightly integrated with the Spanish state. Strong campaigning for political and cultural autonomy eventually led to broad autonomy in 1931, but Franco’s ultra-conservative rule entirely revoked previous developments in the region. The democratization of Spain in 1977 accompanied the resurgence of extensive autonomy, leading to the present-day establishment of the parliament and executive institutions.

A Name to the Refugee Crisis

After the deaths of thousands of refugees on their way to Europe, the scene of a child lying face-down on a beach suddenly penetrated media headlines around the world. The resulting personification stemming from these photographs and descriptions motivated a significant shift in debate on the ongoing refugee crisis. Graphic detail generally surrounded recollection of “the corpse of the kid laying face-down on…