Montenegro between NATO and Russia

On December 2, 2015 NATO formally invites Montenegro to start accession talks to join the Alliance. The small Balkan country is expected to join during 2017. Putin is not too happy about NATO’s eastward expansion. See how dramatically different countries addressed their fear of Russia’s response.


Dimming hopes in Crimea

Russian authorities announced a state of emergency in Crimea, as the peninsula with 2 million inhabitants continues to suffer in cold and darkness. The media and authorities do not seem overly concerned with finding the villain.

Sinai Plane Crash: Bomb-Plot Suspicion Becomes Top Theory

International experts are currently investigating the potential causes of the Russian passenger plane crash in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, as the uncertainty of conditions surrounding the loss of all 224 passengers on board of the flight continue to fuel widespread suspicions and presumed conclusions throughout international news sources. The Sinai tragedy received tremendous attention from the…

Undesirable presence of foreign NGOs in Russia. Law on NGOs

“Undesirable organizations” in Russia were officially criminalized by the law on May 19, 2015. According to a report from, “undesirable organizations” were deemed to be those performing activities that threatened the state’s security and the population’s health and moral development. The attorney general received power to ban the implementation of programs and projects on…