Putting a Face on Terrorism

The Belgian-born Frenchman Salah Abdeslam is the only living suspect in the Paris terror attacks of November 13th. Salah was billed by some newspapers as Public Enemy No. 1. Although Salah Abdeslam has temporarily become the face of terrorism, it seems unlikely that he still poses a significant threat. But there remain numerous other radicalized Islamists in Europe. Therefore we are lead to believe that, when we catch Salah Abdeslam, the threat is not over.


The End of Merkel’s Irony?

Recent polls indicate that Angela Merkel’s popularity dropped over her handling of the refugee crisis. Although the Chancellor of Germany was widely praised for her compassion in the ongoing human catastrophe, it soon became apparent that her country began to struggle with the increasing number of arrivals. So we are led to question: are we,…

Lukashenko’s 5th Landslide Victory in a Row

The Republic of Belarus recently held its fifth presidential election in 21 years. Authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko – famously dubbed the last dictator in Europe – retained power with a landslide 83,5% of the vote. The EU followed with a lifting of sanctions against Lukoshenko’s regime, despite claims from various observers that the ballot was flawed. European…